How to prep your list for high ticket offers…

Hey there,

If you are a consultant, if you sell info products, or if you sell anything with a high price tag…

I’m going to reveal a strategy that will give you higher leverage when it comes to selling a high-priced offer to your list.

And the strategy I’m going to give you will help in the following areas:

  1. You’ll create more authority.
  2. You’ll build an actual relationship and form mental mass inside the minds of your audience.
  3. You’ll build the type of comfort that creates a powerful fluence.
  4. And you’ll create a genuine connection between you and your prospects.

Selling a high ticket offer depends on a few things, from your sales copy, your branding, and your marketing. But if you use your list in the right way, it can do alot of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to selling your offer.

So what is this strategy I’m talking about?

Its the underrated practice of daily communication. And in a second, I’m going to get into the hidden value this strategy holds.

When you communicate with your audience daily, whether it be on Instagram, Slack, Discord, Email, Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat…

…And you are getting your message through each day, and you aren’t being unfollowed or blocked. You are subtly creating substance in the minds of the people who stay and party with you.

There is a list of characteristics and styles that you can use that I wont give you here that will take your fans from being mediocre fans to mega fans. If you want this list, you’ll have to subscribe to my email list and see if I ever release it:

Now heres the first point I want to dial in. Most gurus, publishers, and influencers out there are ignored because they’ve failed to create mental mass inside the minds of their audience. Now what is mental mass?

Well, whenever you have a fear of something, make a decision at an accelerated pace, or have a specific reaction to something, you have whats called “mental mass”. There is substance and form in your mind that could paralyze you and stop you from doing things such as holding your hand over fire. Or it could be that you are afraid of corners (I’m not talking about phobias, what I’m talking about is on a different level).

Here is another example: Say everytime a person shows up in your life, they somehow turn on the fun dial and everything becomes a joke when that person steps into the room. Well the frame that person carries around created early on when you two met, resulted in mental mass forming in your mind.

When you are able to deliver your message every single day and get into the minds of your audience (simply by getting your message read or heard), you suddenly become reacurring in their environment and in their mind. You become an actual “thing” their mind reacts to.

You literally change a persons thinking pattern, internal story for the day, and their routine.

Now when you communicate using a specific style like I mentioned earlier, you create a reaction in your prospects mind that positions you as an authority.

Now with daily communication, the next thing you’ll create is hypnotic fluence.

Here is what I found when I looked up the definition:

A magical or mysterious force; hypnotic power; energy.

Now a great example of what having fluence is, is similar to being a celebrity in their world, or having the type of deep rapport you have only with someone you’ve known since you were little.

If someone had zero fluence, you would make them wait in a long line outside of your club just like everyone else.

Now someone with high fluence, like your Dad or uncle, you would immediately give them a VIP seat in your club. No question about it.

This is a special type of comfort that can be created through various different strategies aside from the one I’m teaching you right here and now…

Now the people you listen to everyday, or most often, have a special place in your mental makeup (whether you hate them or love them, they have a place).

Those who you rarely hear from, rarely come to mind. They take the frame of a passerby who kinda sorta tried to make an impact in your life.

Now I’m going to get into my last point of why daily communication is powerful.

It creates a genuine connection.

Because when you are showing up every day, people expect you and they know you are going to be around.

They know you aren’t going to just stop everything one day and be gone. People who dip in and dip out every now and then create unstable dependence.

Meaning that you aren’t allowing your prospects to get hooked into what you are giving them.

Essentially you’re training them to take you and your mission with a grain of salt.

So what did we learn today?

When you communicate with your audience everyday in a certain way, you are actually executing some deep psychological tactics.

And creating a deep level of comfort is one way to increase your selling power when you are selling high ticket offers. If you want to learn more, simply go to my site and subscribe:

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