When someone says don’t be salesy don’t listen… Instead heres what you should do.

Hey there,

So alot of internet marketers and people who don’t know what they’re talking about are going around instructing and teaching people how to not be salesy.

Or warning them not to.

Now for one, I don’t only think this is bad, but the people who are spreading this around are creating a false illusion on what the word “sales” or “selling” actually means.

So why and how are people poisoning the minds of everyone else?

Because “not being salesy” directly means one of two things:

  1. “Beat around the bush, get what you want, but kinda not try to look like it. Be a fake @-hole and continue to go about not knowing how to sell properly”
  2. “We all know uncalibrated selling and using the straight-in-your-face selling persona is the way to go and thats what sales is. But just don’t do that anymore. Instead, just pretend you’re not selling and ask these low key questions, or use this script I found on the internet from some influencer”

Dumb right?

So first off, someone starts off with not knowing how to sell, but they’re learning. And they don’t have enough self-awareness through observing mistakes after watching other salesmen make mistakes (by watching the pain in the face of the people being sold to).

And neither do they have the awareness that society is jaded. People are slapped in the face nearly everyday with pitches from low-level sales people.

So when a beginner takes on the advice of trying not to be salesy, more dumbness ensues.

So keep in mind, when someone uses the phrase “try not to be salesy”, they have no idea what they’re talking about.

Because they don’t know what selling is, or the definition of selling.

So here is my ideology of selling and sales:

When you sell to someone, you are calibrated. You know how to get the person to do what you want. You know how to persuade properly and how to use psychology.

Thats it.

Did you see the word “try” in there?

No, you didn’t.

When you sell something, there is no need to “try” or be overly aggressive. In fact, if you know advanced persuasion, you can actually effortlessly just get the person to do what you want.

The only reason why anyone would ever call you out for trying to sell them something or give any resistance, is because your branding and business is using a weak client attraction model. Or you’re simply coming from a place of zero power and positioning.

Instead you would want to make sure the person you’re selling to comes to you from a place where you’re sitting on the throne.

To bring my point home, when you sell something, you are getting a person to do something or you’re receiving money from someone in exchange for a good or service. Only because you know how to sell properly. When you know how to sell properly, you don’t get any push back from people, and you don’t have a build up of anxiety.

And the reason why the term “don’t be too salesy” was created, was because the person didn’t know how to sell properly, and they weren’t getting results.

If this particular person was selling from the throne, like a true persuasion expert. They wouldn’t have had this problem.

Ideally, whenever you sell something, unless you want to fight an uphill battle, you want to make sure you are selling from the throne where:

People approach you for your offer…

Your waiting list is filled…

You are rejecting and accepting people, not the other way around…

And where you have the type of power where you can command high-fee’s…

If this is something you’re interested in learning more about, you can find out more here: Highticketcopywriter.com

Seeee yaaaa

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