Develop Your Power To Create “Jackpot Ideas”…

A big marketing idea is notorious for creating multimillion dollar returns during a product launch. I prefer the fluid term “Jack Pot Idea”.


Once you come up with an idea that gives you great leverage, (with the right following or traffic, and a well put together offer) you’ve just hit your own jackpot…

What does a Jackpot Idea mean to me? (Checky here below):

It’s the leverage to destroy giants in the market overnight…

It’s the viewpoint that will bring in crowds of people rushing to your offer… (Like what Gary Halbert did here: )

It’s the single idea that turns a small company into a company that makes news headlines and turns into a unicorn overnight…

It’s the type of idea that helps society evolve in the way they do things (Think Web3, automated cashiers, magnetic cars…)…

Want a way to start coming up with your own Jackpot ideas?

One of the best ways to begin coming up with your own Jackpot Idea is to clear things out of your life that steal and sap your attention on a daily basis.

Think: television shows, social media, things that don’t have anything to do with your life, and just paying attention to stuff that doesn’t result in personal growth.

All the little things you pay attention to in life create an unconscious obligation over time.

Every time you fulfill this obligation you let it sap away at your creativity and your willpower. All that mindless scrolling is just as bad as watching TV for 5 hours a day. And as you build this habit, you train your mind to function in this way, and you give away your power to think for yourself.

Your options for creativity are constrained by the latest news flash, or by what someone has to say.

It’s like the guru who is doing the writing and the publishing, and pulling the strings for as long as their propaganda runs through your mind… (What does it do, prep you for a product launch, stir your emotions… Create blockages or permissions to keep you from achieving your goals?)

…and you’re simply the puppet.

When you’re the puppet, you’re the consumer, and someone else has control of your emotions and the direction of your destiny.

When you shift gears and become the creator, you take back your power.

With that said, create your own mental programs. Clear some space so your Jackpot Idea can form.

Because your mind is your only Jackpot.

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