“First-Access” The high leverage sales point for pre-launches

If you’re planning on launching something new in the Web3 space using NFT’s. What you would want to do is leverage the power of “First Access”.

Even if you are publishing info products, you can even use this leverage point too. But since NFT’s create a gated experience, this is slightly different.

So let’s start with NFT’s since they give a gated experience by nature.

When you’ve figured out a hot innovative product you want to release into the wild market. You then map out different levels of rarity.

With different levels of rarity comes different levels of exclusivity, access, and other benefits specific to your product.

Let’s say we have a restaurant and we want to leverage the power of Web3 for marketing it.

So our hot idea is Korean and Japanese fusion in an exclusive area with celebrity chefs that have all kinds of testimonials.

The next step is to Map out our rarity:

Common Guest

Rare Guest

Ultra Rare Guest

S-Tier Guest

After we have our rarity figured out. We want to make the most expensive guest feasible for our restaurant business. (We can’t order expensive ingredients reserved for only twice a year, and we can’t just have 5 S-Tier pass holders)

Since our “S-Tier” guests are going to be the most expensive, they might not sell right away. And they really won’t be that common.

So whether it’s ingredients, special dishes, or it’s a special place in the restaurant we reserve for our S-tier people. We want to make sure those ingredients are used up pretty often.

So how do we make sure we have S-tier guests ordering off a special menu often?

We offer a special list placement to our current list during our pre marketing.

And how do we create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) for that special list? (I’ll keep the majority of that to myself)

But anyway, we fill that special list with people who are excited about the launch of the restaurant. One obvious way to create FOMO is by offering the S-Tier smart token to that list for a special discount.

Creating a big perk for early investors.

Now think about it…

What are these Early S-Tier investors going to do once they get exclusive access to your Web3-access-only restaurant?

They are going to take pictures. Pictures of the exclusive place inside the restaurant, pictures of the awesome exclusive dishes (only S-Tier guests get), and videos of the whole damn experience…

And they’re going to post it all over social media.

They’re going to do all the advertising for you.

So, all you need to do is “some thinking” during the “Building Block” phase of your offer. Then you create First-Access benefits.

In our case, here are some of our benefits:

Purchase S-Tier NFT’s before anyone else at an “early investor” one time price.

Sell those S-Tier passes at the price you want after they are sold out, or even during the launch.

An invitation to try and test out all the dishes, plus meet and collaborate with the celebrity chefs.

The benefits are limited to what you create in the “Building Block” phase of your offer.

Once you figure out your “First-Access” benefits and you engineer it into your entire blueprint. And you execute it in the correct way. It carries the momentum for your NFT’s and helps develop the economy you have going on in your following.


So now that you know how to use the power of “First Access” and you have an idea of how the benefits it could have in your business. You can now insert this dynamic into your pre-launch and help skyrocket your actual launch.

It’s like having a launch inside of a launch.

You create a special party where only 25 or 50 are invited. And if possible, have them do the advertising.

Give them first access to the Korean Japanese fusion restaurant or do a special catering party where the dishes are being served and have the first access group record and do yo marketing.

Now in another article I’ll go ahead and demonstrate how the “First-Access” principle can be used in the info publishing business.

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