All your time will be gone one day

“One day you’ll wake up and there wont be anymore time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do

Do it now”

I got the above quote from social media.

And it’s true, one day you’ll wake up.

You’ll look back at all the days where you did… nothing.

Where you didn’t:

Build the business you wanted to…

Travel to that place…

Find the right strategy to increase your pricing…

Contact that possible prospect to grow your business…

Or pick up the phone to give yourself a fighting chance in the world of entrepreneurship…

Once time is gone, it’s something you can never get back.

In fact, when you get on a consulting call, when you give someone ideas on how to grow their business. Or when you don’t do something.

You lose that time and you can never… EVER… get it back.

Right now you are either taking time for granted, or you treat time as a valuable asset.

When you are marketing anything or selling anything.

The best two ways to go about treating your time as a high value asset is by:

1) Having a system that prequalifies (and guards your time from) the leads you want to work with…

2) And making sure you have the right strategies in place to sell your offers at a high-ticket price point…

If you don’t have a high ticket offer, you are missing out on the highest leverage that will grant you freedom for years to come.

Chances are you are an expert at what you do and you already have the necessary means to sell your offer at a high-ticket price point.

Keep in mind there is a foundation that your high-ticket price point must stand on.

There is a list of low value pillars that give you a weak foundation for high-ticket pricing and a list of high value pillars that give you a strong foundation for your high-ticket price point.

I talk about some of those pillars in another post.

If you are charging $1000 for a service you offer, and you have the ability to charge $2000 more, and you perform this service once a month. And you haven’t figured out how to charge $2000 more. After a year, you are $24,000 poorer.

You have a lot of potential. With the right knowledge you can unleash your potential.

If you have a high ticket offer that you would like me to create marketing assets for that continue to sell on your behalf. Click the link below for an interview. Or visit this link here:

I only choose to work with clients who have specific criteria in order.

Think with high leverage,


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