The Foundation For High Ticket Copywriting

Hey there,

I want to give you a quick and partial blueprint for writing High Ticket Copy.

So what is high ticket copy?

Its sales writing that sells a high priced offer.

Whether that be a service such as coaching, a course, or a mastermind.

Now there are various ways to sell a High Ticket offer:

A standard Video Salesletter or just a regular Salesletter…

My version of a takeaway launch. There is another version that involves the sideways salesletter where you have a 5-day open cart launch ( credit to: Jeff Walker )…

The application style close where you go straight into the qualification frame and all the selling has already been done prior (through emails, short mentions, or through other means) or you just do a bit of selling. I know Dan Kennedy did this for one of his programs. And there was another instance where I saw a 20 page application just to get in on some kind of mastermind. But I really like this style because you’re setting the evaluation frame from the beginning.

Selling through an email sequence, then simply giving a link to buy the offer (nothing else)…

And theres other ways…

…but right now im going to zone in on 1 from the above.

Writing a video salesletter or regular salesletter is the typical and standard way that you’ll sell an offer.

But first Im going to take a step back and fill you in on what a salesletter is.

A sales letter is simply a letter that sells something to the person that you want to buy your offer.

You basically start with a greeting, decide when, where and how, in the salesletter you want to direct them towards the next action or buying your offer. And end with a conclusion and sign-off (Bye for now, [name].

You write in a way that the person or your audience could only understand and can’t help but be persuaded to listen to you.

Now what a video salesletter is, is simply reading the salesletter and making it into a video.

Got that? Make sense? Cool…

So lets get into the foundation to write high ticket copy via salesletter.

  1. First off is mindset. If you’re going to charge over $2000, $20,000, or $1Million for what you are offering, you need to have made the decision that you’re going to charge that. And you need to stick with it. Because if you are constantly changing your price around you are just going to lose integrity and you’ll come off as wishy washy.

If someone was charging $1M for a mastermind, then you saw the exact same thing drop down to $3000, it wouldn’t look right.

2. Then the next thing you need to do is write down how the offer will accelerate their results in life or multiply the return they get on their investment.

Now keep in mind, the return they get from their investment is subjective. If as long as you got what they want, and if it means being able to help someone find a life partner, build a list of 50,000 subscribers, or helping their practice grow, then thats what your offer is . There is no specific thing you have to offer or standard that you must follow to charge high fee’s for your offer.

Just keep in mind, a known legend teaching a subject or offering a service will have more fluence or selling power to command high fee’s.

Thats not to say you cant sell high ticket offers without being a celebrity.(However… there are more strategies that I do teach to help you gain more leverage when it comes to selling your high ticket offer, find out more here:

Someone who doesn’t have a celebrity-like reputation isnt limited. Because with the right audience, budget, and marketing strategies in-hand, they just need to make sure they can deliver results.

So you just need to get real clear on how they are going to get more than what they put in.

3. Next you would want to make sure you have a powerful big idea (Im going to create an article or video teaching more about the big idea because it is very powerful). Having a powerful big idea to back up your offer is one of the essential points to making a hit with your high-ticket offer.

A big idea is the idea behind your offer, but the idea is fresh, new, trend-breaking, revolutionary, and a breakthrough.

Now that I’ve got you all perked up wanting to know more about a big idea, I’ll tell you how you can find one…

You can find it within the features and process of your offer.

You can find it through research and as a result of creating an advanced unique mechanism (I’ll create an article about unique mechanisms and link it here because thats really powerful.)

To find out more on how you can create a big idea for your high ticket offer, subscribe to my site:

4) Then you want to make sure your offer is in alignment and accordance with a powerful big idea that you are confident will get results.

After that, you have the big parts taken care of.

Now that I’ve gone over the basic foundation, here is what you can do to your copy that will accelerate your selling power:

  • Frame your brand and offer so that your audience needs to mentally court your business. You need to have a strong intention of being the evaluator and the selector in your business. Most business’s are usually hoping and waiting to make a sale or deal. You don’t want to be in that position because you don’t have any power to command the fees you want, choose from abundance, and you wont have as much selling power. I have various strategies for setting this up, and I’ll share some with you right now, continue reading.
  • When you have properly set up the frame above, things like making a 20 page application available, using a 1 day or 5 day open cart, or having a full waiting list will be so much more powerful. Most marketers don’t do this, they waste so much time and energy by not doing business in this way.
  • Sew in the faults of competitors. When you craft your unique mechanism, or your unique formula thats a better solution. This should come naturally. Your solution should be geared towards being a few steps above what everyone else is doing for a solution.
  • Do everything in your power to test your copy. Test multiple headlines, the first 10 sentences of your copy (lead copy). Use a heat map to see where people stop reading, then adjust your copy from that point. There is software for webpages and video players.

This should be enough to get you going, if you need help writing actual copy and you need help with structure, subscribe here:

I’ll be releasing products that teach you exactly how to write copy and get good at it.

For my final point, make sure you craft your big idea. Because your big idea is like a machine gun of mass persuasion. If you do it right, it will be your nuke.

Thats all for today,


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